Nouveau Contour Tattoo Machines: State-of-the-Art Micro-Pigmentation Equipment

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nouveau contour tattoo machinesThe ultimate equipment for micro-pigmentation is the German-made Nouveau Contour – a digitally controlled computerized tattoo machine that has numerous advantages over other types of pigment delivery systems.
Various models are available, but a look at the features of the Intelligent, which was the first computerized permanent cosmetics device, will demonstrate some of the major benefits of this type of equipment.
The Intelligent offers a variety of preprogrammed settings designed specifically for technicians working with permanent makeup application: eyebrow, eyeliner, lip colour, and medical procedures. These settings allow the practitioner to adjust needle speed and hand-piece power with the touch of one button.
The Intelligent has more power than any machine on the market, allowing technicians to perform any micro-pigmentation procedure. The needle speed can be adjusted from 50 to 180 punctures per second. It's estimated that professionals who switch from other machines to the Intelligent may be able to complete procedures approximately 40% faster, saving time and reducing the client's discomfort.
Because needle frequency remains constant, despite skin density, trauma to the skin is minimized.
As well, a patented needle design on all Nouveau Contour machines helps to prevent cross contamination by encasing needles in sterile pouches. Needles retract into the tube as soon as the machine is switched off.
An LCD display lets technicians know current settings, as well as standard settings for each type of procedure.
For centuries, tattoo artists used colour applied to a pointed stick, such as a sharpened piece of bamboo. The stick was then tapped into the skin, leaving colour behind. In the 19th century, electric tattoo machines using copper coils were developed, broadening the scope of what could be done. These machines, however, were unwieldy and noisy. In the 1970s, the "pen” style of electric tattoo machine came into vogue because it was easy for lesser skilled technicians to handle. It, however, is not effective at delivering pigment.
With Nouveau Contour machines, the art of micro-pigmentation has been taken to new levels. Investigate these state-of-the-art machines for your cosmetic tattoo business.
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